Game Of Thrones’ Episode 9 of Season 6: Battle of the Bastards is just Stunning!


‘Battle of the Bastards’ is the Best Episode of ‘Game Of Thrones’ so far!

If I fall, don’t bring me back!

Recently HBO aired the latest episode ‘Battle of the Bastards’ of most popular American TV series ‘Game Of Thrones’ and that is beyond awesome. The show will be aired in India Tonight (Tuesday) at 10 pm on Star World HD. But how a fan can wait, when it is available on internet? Being a regular watcher of GoT, I can say it is the best episode of the series so far. This is the first time, when small screen has witnessed such greatness.


Two spell bounded battle sequences (Daenerys Targaryen vs Meereen’s former masters and Starks vs Boltons) in a single episode can’t get you rid of its fever. As makers stated earlier, the episode is based on women. The four strong ladies- Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, Yara Grejoy & Lyanna Mormont. The episode starts the victory of Daenerys in Meereen and ends with the rise of Starks in Winterfell.

Sorry my Lady!

I do not want to spoil your excitement by telling the complete story. The thing that you must know is, this episode is stunning!…awesome!…superb!….synonym synonym synonym.


Meereen: Daenerys has killed former masters of Meereen and the Sons of Harpy with her Dragons and Dothraki Army.

Meereen: The mother of Dragons has joined hands with Theone and Yara Grejoy, who promised to support her in claiming seven kingdoms.

Run zig-zag bro!

Winterfell: Ramsay Bolton has killed the youngest Stark Rickon in front of Jon Snow.

RIP Wun Wun!

Winterfell: Wun Wun the giant of Wildling Army is died in the war.

Winterfell: Jon Snow, the hero of the north fought courageously for his family.


Winterfell: Little Finger helped Sansa with his army to defeat Ramsay Bolton.

Winterfell: Finally the Starks (wolves) have taken their home back.

Winterfell: Ramsay got a deserving & brutal death.

The Rise of Starks!

Super excited after watching the episode but sad, because only one episode is left from this season.