Indian Debit Cards Accepted by Paypal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay Etc.


Indian Debit Cards that support International Transactions

Indian Debit Cards
Indian Debit Cards Accepted for International Transactions

We never think about this point while opening a saving or current account in any bank and it happens with all. We cannot deny the truth that these names are becoming necessities for us and we have to consider this point too while selecting a suitable bank for us. Paypal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay etc. are secure gateways for International & National transactions / dealings.

We have entered in the 21st century and this is the time where a 14 yrs old child requires debit card that supports Paypal, Google Wallet etc. to purchase Android apps, Apple apps & more. But we always get satisfied with the line mentioned over the card ‘International Debit Card’, which rarely works actually.

The problem that I faced number of times, I do not want any one else to face again. That is why I’m telling you, the front end staff of Indian banks do not have complete information about this. They generally say ‘yes’ for every question you ask to them. So if you want to confirm, whether the debit card which is issued by the bank works for International transactions or not, the you should call to their customer care executive. He/she can help you in a better way than the appointed staff.

For the ease, I would like to mention that as per RBI guidelines, now only EMV Chip Debit Cards are acceptable for International usage that includes EMV Platinum Master Card, EMV Platinum VISA Debit Card, SBI VISA Signature Card, ICICI Coral Debit Card & etc.

Please feel free to speak if any information is missing or required to be altered. Your contribution will be appreciated and that will help others.

Thanks in advance! 🙂